TCC Verizon Wireless

36-42 Union ST. Flushing, NY


MON – SAT 10:00AM – 8:00PM
SUN 10:00AM – 7:00PM

TCC Verizon Wireless at Flushing has both the experience and expertise in wireless plans and phones best fit to cater the Flushing Community with the best wireless service in Flushing. This Flushing Verizon store is a perfect fit for anyone looking for competitive deals and amazing value.

TCC Verizon Flushing has access to the newest phones, and customers are greeted by experienced staff with extensive knowledge in smartphones and wireless services. Flushing Verizon holds promotions and special discounts to ensure all customers leave their store with satisfaction. With a staff that speaks Mandarin, Korean, and English, they’ll be able to communicate with the Flushing residents in all their languages.

We Are

We speak English, Mandarin and Korean

Newest phones
Great Deals

We have all the new popular phones displayed for customer to try.

Customer Service

We can answer every single question you have about wireless services.

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