San Soo Kap San

38-13 Union St. Flushing, NY 11354

San Soo Kap San is a very special Korean restaurant that has been around NYC for over 20 years.  A historical place for Korean Americans, San Soo Kap San has become the most preferable Korean restaurant for all demographics.  San Soo Kap San recently won the Gold Medal at the Asian American Cuisine Contest.  San Soo Kap San’s specialty is organic goat meats.  We are open 24 hours 7 days a week.

Organic and High
Quality Meat

Organic healthy goat meat is our signature dish

Traditional Korean

we serve traditional korean food in Flushing community for over 20 years

We Open

anytime of the day, we are ready to serve you


Premium Galbi

Angus Special Galbi – $37.95

Angus Joo – Moolluck  Special Galbi – $37.95
Kot Deung Shim – $37.95

Bulgogi – $27.95

Cha Dol Bagi – $27.95

Hyeo mit Gui (Thin Slices of Beef Tongue BBQ) – $25.95

Jae Yook Gui (Sliced of spicy marinated tender pork BBQ) – $25.95

Sam Gyup Sal (Thin slices of pork belly BBQ) – $25.95

Thin slices of duck barbecued – $25.95

Chicken barbecued – $23.95

Marinated fresh shrimp barbecued – $26.95

Fresh squid barbecued – $26.95

San Soo Mool Naeng Myun – $12.95

Bibim Naeug Myun – $13.95

Hwe Naeng Myun – $14.95

Extra noodles – $7.00

Sachul Jungol – $49.95

Seafood Jungol – $49.95

Gopchang Jungol – $49.95

Heungbu Budae Jungol – $45.95

Kimchi Mandoo Jungol – $45.95

Dweji Moksal Garnja Jungol – $49.95

Bookkuh Kongnamul Guk – $14.95

Daegu Maewoon Tang – $16.95

Daegu Ji Ri – $16.95

Saengtae jjigae – $15.95

Gamja Tang – $15.95

Haemool Tukbagi

Sachul Tang – $15.95

Jogae Shigumchi Guk – $13.95

YukgaJang – $14.95

Kalbi Tang – $19.95

Wooguji Tang – $19.95

Dduk Guk – $19.95

ManDooGuk – $13.95

Dduk Man Doo Guk – $13.95

Dwen Jang Jigae – $12.95

Kimchi Jjigae – $14.95

Soon Dubu – $12.95

Taro Gukbap

Sulung tang

Haejang Guk

Bibim Bap $14.95

Dolsot Bibim Bap $19.95

Yukhwe Bibim bap $17.95

Jook $14.95

Donkatsu $16.95

Woo Jok Tang $15.95

Sam Gye Tang $18.95

BokeumBap $13.95

Omu – Rice $15.95
(Pan-fried rice over egg fried)

A-Gu Maewoon Tang $15.95
(Monkfish vegetable in hot & spicy stew)

Bu Dae JJigae $14.95
(pot luck stew with sausage and baked bean)

Dogani Tang $13.95
(Cow knee soup)

Jo gi gui jeongsik $18.95

(Grilled yellow croaker+Dwen Jang or Soon Dubu)

Godeung – Uh Gui Jeongsik $18.95

(Grilled mackere Dwen jang or Soon Dubu)

GongchiGui Jeongsik $18.95

(Grilled mackerel Jang or Soon Dubu)

Jang uh gui jeongsik $27.95

Grilled eel (Dwen jang or Soon Dubu)

Gae Jang Bakban Fresh crab with hot & spicy sauce+-(Dwen jang or Soon dobu

Seaweed Soup $19.95
(Brown seaweed simmered in clear anchovy broth)

Jogae Tang $15.95

(Stew with fresh clams and assortment of vegetables in mild broth)


A-GuJjim $42.95
steamed monkfish, bean sprout, vegetable with sticky sauce

Daegu Muree Jjim $42.95
steamed codfish head, bean sprout, vegetable with sticky sauce

Haemul Pa Jeon $19.95
Korean style pan cake with assorted seafood

Japchae $21.95
Stir fried noodles with sauteed beef and vegetables

mandu gui $14.95

Pan-fried dumpling

Yook Hwe $29.95

Raw beef tenderloin with vegetables

Nakii Bokeum $25.95
stir fried octopus with vegetables in spicy sauce

Ojinguh Bokeum $25.95
Sstir-fried squid with vegetables in spicy sauce

Jeyuk Tofu Kimchi Bokeurm str $25.95
Stir-fried pork & kimchi with fresh bean curd

Gul Bossam $29.95
Fresh oyster

Jeyuk Bokeum $25.95
steamed pork belly with korean cabbage Suir -fried tender pork wath spicy sauce

ddukboki $21.95
rice cakes and vegetable in hot spicy sauce

Woojok Muchim $25.95
Steamed cow leg meat and vegetable in spicy sauce

woojok Sara $22.95
Steamed cow leg meat and vegetable in special sauce

Eun Daegu Jorim $37.95
Codfish, radish broiled soy sauce

Saeng Sun HweMoochim $27.95
Variety raw fish, vegetables in spicy sauce


Chicken Teriyaki 8.95

Boneless chicken sauteed in teryaki sauce

Salmon Teriyaki  22.95

Fresh salmon sauteed in teriyaki sauce

Shrimp Teriyaki Houtti 18.95

Shrimp sauteed in teniyaki sauce

Beef Teriyaki 23.95

Beef sauteed in Teriyaki sauce

Nabe Udong 13.95

Shrimp, vegetable, noodle soup

Sashiniat $35.95

M 54.95 L 75.95 Sp 110.95 Sliced raw fish

Sansookapsan Sashimi $122.00

House special sliced raw fish

Sushi & Sashimi  S 34.95 M 44.95 L 61.95

Raw fish & ginger with rice

Raw tuna with rice

Hwe Dupbap $21.95
Raw fish, vegetables with rice

Jang – Uh Dupbap $26.95
Boiled eel over rice with sauce

California Maki $11.95 $7.95 $5.95

Sea-eggs, avocado, cucumber, crab

Tekka Maki  $13.95  $8.95  $7.95

Tuna roll

Salmon Maki $11.95 $7.95 $5.95

Salmon, avocado roll

Unagi Maki $14.95 $8.95 $7.95
sea urchin cucumber roll

Hamachi Maki $12.95 $8.95 $6.95

Yellowtail roll

Alaska Maki $12.95 $8.95 $6.95
Smoked salmon, vegetable& crab roll

BostonMaki $12.95 $8.95 $6.95
Shrimp, avocado, cucumber, crab & cheese roll

Spicy tuna Maki $12.95 $8.95 $6.95

Spicy tuna roll

UniMaki $15.95 $8.95 $7.65
Sea urchin &cucumber roll

kapa maki $10.95  $6.95  $5.95
Cucumber roll

Salmon Skin Makia $10.95 $6.95 $5.95

Salmon skin & scallion roll

Dragon Maki 8pcs $18.95

Futo Maki $12.95
Vinegar rice rolled in a sheet of lover roll


 Lunch Special

 Mon – Fri 11:30am-3:00pm (Except Holidays)


Taro Gook Bab $11.95

Hot & spicy beef broth soup

Seolleong Tang $11.95

Beef marrow soup

Haejang gook $11.95

beef bean scallion soup

kalbi tang $17.95

Beef short rib soup

wooguji kalbi tang $17.95

Beef short rib soup with cabbage

Soon tofu $11.95
Soft bean curd stew

DubooJigae $11.95
Bean past stew

Yuk Gae Jang $11.95
Shredded beef vegetable in spicy beefbrith soup

Man Doo Gook $11.95

Dumpling soup

Bibim Bap $11.95

Variety of vegetables with rice

SaengtaeJigae $14.95

Pollack stew

Ganja Tang $14.95

Pork broth soup with vegetable & potato

Kimchi Jigae $11.95

Kimchi stew

Budac Jjigae $11.95
Pot luck stew with hot dogs and baked beans

Miyuk Guk $11.95
Brown seaweed simmered in clear anchovy broth

Jogae Tang $14.95
Stew with fresh clams and assortment of vegetables in mild broth

Kalbi Lunch Box $19.95
Broiled prime beef short rib and salad

Bulgogi Lunch Box $16.95
Broiled sliced of tenderloin beef and salad

Saewoo Lunch Box $14.95
Fried shrimp and salad

Jeyuk Gui Lunch Box $14.95
Spicy pork B.B.Q and salad

Chicken Teriyaki Box $14.95
Broiled chicken sauteed in terlyaki sauce & salad

Salmon Tenyaki Box $16.95
Salmon sauteed in teriyaki sauce & salad

california maki $9.95
Sea eggs and avocado roll

Kapa Maki $9.95
Cucumber roll

Teka Maki $10.95
Tuna roll

Salmon Makita $9.95

Salmon roll

Sashimi $18.95
Sliced raw fish

Sushi $14.95

Raw fish wrapped in rice

Hwe Dup Bap $17.95
Raw fish with rice vegetables& spicy sauce

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