Union Sushi

36-30 Union St 1st FL, Flushing, NY,11354

Union Sushi has been on Union Street since 2015.  We specialize in sushi that mixes Japanese and Korean styles.  We are known for our unique tastes and fresh ingredients.  Our party platters are affordable and delicious.

Fusion Food

Traditional Japanese food with Korean elements inputted to the taste

Various Party
Platter Selections

We provide party catering service

Quality Food

We offer affordable price with fresh and high quality food


Seaweed Salad – $4.50

Eel Sauce – $0.50

Kani Salad – $0.00

White Rice – $2.00

Sushi Rice $2.50 / $4.50

Spicy Mayo – $0.50

Crunch – $0.50


Shrimp / Kani

Salmon Tuna /Fluke/ White Tuna /Eel /Clam 1 1 po pc $ $1.60 $2.00


Cucumber Roll $3.99

Avocado Roll $4.50

Vegetable Roll $4.50

California Roll  $4.99

Salmon Roll  $4.99

Tuna Roll $4.99

Crab Stick Roll $5.50

Salmon Avocado Roll $ 5.50

Shrimp Avocado Roll : – .. 55.50

Shrimp Tempura Roll $5.99

Tuna Avocado Roll S5.99

Eel Avocado Roll $ 6.50

Spicy Tuna Roll $5.99

Spicy Salmon Roll $5.99

Spicy Crab Roll $5.99

Spicy Shrimp Roll $5.99

Boston Roll $5.99

(shrimp, kani salad, cucumber)

Yellowtail Avocado Roll $ 6.50

New York Roll  $6.50 (salmon, tuna, avocado, masago)

Spicy Tuna Crunch $ 6.50

California roll top with tuna salmon fluke $8.99

Pink Lady Roll ( California roll top with salmon) $8.99

Dragon Roll (calfomia rol top with eel) $10.99

Dragon Roll (California roll top with spicy tuna) $8.99

Crab Lovers Roll (California roll top with crab salad) $8.99

Summer Roll (crab salad roll top with salmon tuna fluke &spicy mayo) $8.99

Vegetable Naruto Roll (cucumber seaweed salad carrot avocado wrapped with cucumber $9.99

Fish Naruto Roll na salmon seaweed salad crab stick carrot avocado wrapped with cucumber) 11.99

Vegetable Spring Roll seaweed salad carrot avocado wrapped with rice paper) $6.99

Avocado Spring Roll (seaweed salad cucumber carrot wrapped with avocado & rice paper) $6.99

Shrimp Spring Roll cooked shrimp crab stick avocado carrot wrapped with rice paper) $7.50

Fish Spring Roll (salmon tuna cucumber avocado wrapped with rice paper) $8.99

Fish Mango Spring Roll (salmon tuna mango cucumber avocado wrapped with rice paper) $ 8.99

Fish Crab Stick Spring Roll salmon tuna crab stick cucumber avocado carrot wrapped with rice paper) $ 8.99

Sandwich Roll (spicy tuna avocado, craw fish salad) $8.99

House Roll (california roll top with cooked salmon) $8.99

Manhattan Roll with crunch  (spicy tuna.salmon, wrapped with rice paper top $9.99

Union Roll (spicy tuna cucumber seaweed salad top with avocado) $8.99

Lobster salad Roll (calfornia roll top with craw fish salad Vegetable Tempura Roll bauce) $8.99

Onion Crunch Roll (spicy tuna avocado top with onion crunch) $6.99

Corn Crunch Roll (spicy tuna avocado top with corn crunch) $6.99

Crazy Roll (shrimp tempura avocado cucumber top with crab salad & spicymayo) $11.99

Super Tuna Roll (spicy tuna avocado top with tuna & spicy mayo) $10.99

Super Salmon Roll ( #y salmon avocado top with salmon & spicy mayo ) $10.99

Dancing Shrimp Roll shrimp tempura avocado cucumber top with spicy tuna&crunch) $11.99

Black Dragon Roll (shrimp tempura avocado cucumber top with eel&crunch spicy mayo&eel $12.99

Pink Boy Roll (spicy tuna avocado top with salmon, crunch spicy mayo&eel sauce) $11.50

King Dragon Roll shrimp tempura cucumber avocado top with shrimp and eel&spic mayo) $12.99

Green Dragon Roll  (eel roll top with avocado and eel sauce) $10.99

UNION SPECIAL COMBO (Lunch Time 11:00am-300pm)

Sushi Rai Combo $ 11.99 ( lunch $ 10.99 )
(nigiri sushi 5pcs,California roll 8pcs)

Sashimi sashimi Roll Combo $ 14.99 ( lunch $ 13.99 )

Sashimi 6pcs nigiri sushi 4pcs california roll 8pcs

el Combo $13.99 (lunch $12.99)
(eel sushi 5pcs,eel avocado roll 8pcs)

Sashimi Deluxe 318.99
(18pcs random sashimi

Eel Over Ri $13.99 (lunch $12.99)

Sashimi & Vegetable Mixed Rice $ 9.99
(with spicy sauce)

Chirashi Sushi $14.99 (lunch $13.99)
(12pcs sashimi over susri rice)

Tuna Com $12.99 (lunch $11.99)
(tuna sushi 5pcs,tuna avocado roll 8pcs)

Salmon Combo $11.99 (lunch $10.99)
(salmon sushi 5pcs,salmon avocado roll 8pcs)

Sushi Combo $10.99 (lunch $9.99)(nigiri sushi 9pcs)


1 . ROLL ( S ) 4 pcs $ 40

2. ROLL ( M ) 8pcs $ 50

3. ROLL ( L ) 110pcs California 32pcs, spicy tuna 16s eel avocado 16pcs) $ 65

4. ROLL ( XL )  140pcs $ 75


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