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9 Things You Must Do When Filing for Unemployment Insurance

1. Report each day you work. You must report any day you work when you claim your weekly UI Benefits. This includes part-time, temporary or unpaid jobs.

2. Be Accurate. Carefully read all letters the Department of Labor sends to you. Follow the instructions and return all forms as soon as possible. This will help prevent delays in UI payment.

3. Be Available to work. You must be able to take a job right away. Every week, you must verify that you were ready, wiling, and able to work.

4. Look for work. You must search for work each week and keep a written record of every employer you contact. ‘View work search activites’ you are required to do weekly.

5. Make a work search plan. Contact a New York State Career Center to get help planning your work search. go to to find the location nearest you. You may also call (800) 447-3992. Choose your language and pick option 3.

6. Stop claiming benefits as soon as you return to work. Do not wait for your first paycheck. You are no longer eligible for benefits when you start working a full-time job. You may be eligible for partial benefits if you get park-time work.

7. Read your Claimant Handbook. It tells you about your rights and responsibilities while collecting Unemployment Insurance benefits. It also lists additional benefits and services for which you may be eligible. Electronic and audio versions are also available on our website.

8. Avoid Fraud. Do the right thing and follow the rules while you get benefits. If you do not follow the rules, you could face serious legal consequences.

9. If you don’s know, ask help. Unemployment Insurance representatives are available to help you. Call 1-888-209-8124 or got to our website for answers.

Work and Earning Status

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1. During the week ending XX/XX/XXXX did you refuse any job offer or referral? Yes No

2. How many days did you work. Including self employment, during the week ending XX/XX/XXXX? 0~4

2a. Excluding earning from self employment, did you earn more than $504?

3. How many days were you NOT ready, willing, and able to work? 0~4

4. How many days were you owed vacation day or did you receive vacation pay?

5. How many days were you owed holiday pay or did you receive holiday pay?

Review of Responses

Please review the information you have provided. If you need change the response, select ‘Edit’. When you finished, select ‘Certify Claim’.

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Direct Deposit Option

You may choose to have your weekly benefits directly deposited into your checking account. You must have a check handy in order to enter your bank routing and checking account numbers. If you have

already registered, but would like cancel your direct deposit or change your account information right now, see below.

Once you have registered for direct deposit and your banking information has been verified, it is not necessary to re registration each time you claim benefits. You will only need to re register if your banking information has changed.

It is important that you print a copy of the “Direct Deposit Information Review” page information before submitting your information as this will be your only proof of the account information that you provided. You will need this information in case of any inaccuracies with your checking account information.

Weather you are registering for direct deposit or changing your existing account information, it will take approximately 5 business days between the date your account information is received and the date that your benefits can be electronically sent to your checking account. If you already have a Key2Benefits debit card, your weekly benefits will be transferred to your card during this time. Once direct deposit has been established, benefits will be deposited to your checking account usually within three business days after you claim your weekly benefits.

You may register for direct deposit, cancel your direct deposit, or change your checking account information using the Direct Deposit application.

Direct Deposit

Find a Job

Your local New York State Career Center provides a wide range fo services to assist you in returning to work. As a condition of eligibility for unemployment insurance benefits, you may be required to attend reemployment services meetings. The office will notify you by mail of when to report for you.

appointment. Failure to attend scheduled meetings will result in a delay or loss of benefits. You can visit a New York State Career Center and speak with staff about our Career Services, including resume writing, interview techniques, apprenticeship opportunities, training grants, search our on-line job listing or attend a job fair. Check out JobZone where you can research occupations, post customized resumes, and use the JobZone Work Search Record tool to track your job search activities. We also provide priority service to Veterans during their job search. Go to for more information.

Other New York State Programs

Find out about other New York State programs and services at myBenefits( myBenefits is an online tool where anyone can quickly and confidentially check their eligibility for a rage of work supports and other benefits. By answering a simple set of questions, people in New York State can find out if they qualify for benefits such as nutrition assistance, various tax credits and Home Energy Assistance Program.

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