Union Street Small Businesses are currently having a promotional giveaway event where customers may have a chance to win IPhone X, $700 Travel Voucher, Luxury Cosmetics, Hair Salon products, and more hosted by Asian-American Federation and sponsored by NYC Economic Development Corporation. Asian American Federation was founded in 1989. Currently working on health & human services, education, economic development, civic participation, and social justice issues in pan-Asian communities. Recently they are focusing on Union Street Small Business economic development, E-bike rally in City Hall and DACA immigration issues, and census profiles for Asian-American communities.

Asian American Federation will also provide detail cleaning streets and signage, Website development, Social Media Marketing development, and more for Union Street Small Businesses. They are currently helping over seventy Union Street Small businesses such as hair salons, cosmetic stores, restaurants, jewelry stores, spas, clothing, and more to recover from massive gentrifications and development in Flushing to maximize their business efficiency. This project is special because Korean and Chinese owners are involved, and it’s a great opportunity for both ethnic groups to collaborate economically and socially.

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